The Bodhisattva vow is the commitment to put others before oneself and to work for their benefit. One aspires to develop loving-kindness and compassion through the practice of the six paramitas, and to exert oneself in the practice and study of the Mahayana teachings.

Who May Take Boddhisatva Vow?

  • With rare exceptions, one should wait at least six months after taking the Refuge Vow before taking the Bodhisattva vow.

  • One should have undertaken sufficient study on the Buddhist path so as to understand the meaning of the Bodhisattva vow.

  • One should have a genuine desire and intention to work for the benefit of others. This desire might manifest, for example, as greater participation in the activities of the Center.

Application Steps:

  • Having taken the Refuge Vow at least six months prior

  • Completion of the application form below. 

  • Meet with and gain approval from your Meditation Instructor, and obtain a Letter of Recommendation from your Meditation Instructor – provide your MI with whatever information you feel they will need to support your application. This letter should be sent to dkolleeny@verizon.net

  • Register online (via a link that will subsequently be provided). There is a $50 fee for the ceremony and materials received at it.

  • Attend the vow preparatory workshop. Sunday, October 29th, 2:30 to 4:30 pm. Eileen Fisher Headquarters. 


Teachers Gift:

A teacher’s gift is traditionally presented at the time of the vow ceremony. This expression of gratitude and generosity will go directly to the preceptor of the vow ceremony, with the amount up to you. You may either send this gift along with your application, or bring it with you to the ceremony.

Application Information

STEP 1. Fill out Application

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