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Learn to Meditate

These are recordings of live presentations. They are meant to serve as a refresher primarily for those that attended one of these sessions, or for those that are too far away to attend one. Since they are live, they are a bit rough and also include periods of silence when folks are actually meditating. We hope that you find them helpful!

Sunday Dharma Gathering >

Eileen Fisher Headquarters in Irvington

Tuesday Dharma Gathering >

 Aligned Center in Irvington.

Wednesday Dharma Gathering > 

The Center for Health and Healing, Mt. Kisco

Foundation Level Courses

Audio files for courses recorded at Westchester Buddhist Center in Irvington and Mt. Kisco.



Visiting Teachers

Listen to recordings of teachings given by the visiting teachers at the Westchester Buddhist Center.

Advanced Courses and Restricted Talks

Please note: The Advanced Buddhist Talks are private. Please email us by using the form below to request access to page.


Lineage and Devotion, Irvington (restricted, need password) 


5th Annual Winter Retreat at Garrison Institute, Winter 2017 (restricted, need password to listen. Request access below)

    2016 & EARLIER

    Gradual Three Yana Path, Irvington (restricted, need password) 

    Bardo, Death & Dying > (restricted, need password to listen). Advanced Buddhist Course about the Tibetan Buddhist teachings on the bardos, the intermediate states, most popularly presented in the Tibetan Book of the Dead.  (2016)

    The Path of the Middle Way > (restricted, need password to listen). Introductory exploration of the teachings commonly referred to as Emptiness with an emphasis upon contemplation. (Fall 2015)

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