Saturday, March 9th, 2019

9 - 5pm

The Aligned Center

1 Bridge Street, Irvington NY 10533

(see directions below)

We will be celebrating Milarepa Day on Saturday March 9th by chanting The Rain of Wisdom, known also as The Vajra Songs of the Kagyü Gurus. The celebration will take place at The Aligned Center, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, with a short lunch break at noon.

These spontaneous songs of enlightenment have been handed down to us from Milarepa himself and from other great meditators of the Kagyü lineage. A work that crosses centuries of time, bringing the stories of the lineage alive in the present day with extraordinary intimacy and power, The Rain of Wisdom is a treasure of Tibetan culture, famous for its striking imagery and emotional intensity. Most of all, these songs are cherished for their heartfelt devotion and depth of insight; just listening to them lifts the spirit and rouses inspiration to practice — a lovely and bracing way to start the new year.

Compiled by the eighth Karmapa, Mikyö Dorje, and translated into English by the Nalanda Translation Committee under the guidance of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, The Rain of Wisdom is said to provide a direct connection to the wisdom, insight and enlightened mind of the Kagyü lineage masters, a remedy for practitioners in times of disruption or uncertainty. According to Chögyam Trungpa,“students are advised to read this book for instructions when their life is filled with disruption and uncertainty and neurosis. Even reading only one passage is better than going to a psychiatrist or taking a dose of aspirin. This is not a myth: from my personal experience, these songs do provide a staircase of liberation. They actually enable us to interrupt our perpetual subconscious gossip, awaken ourselves on the path, and energize ourselves so that we can help others.”

All are welcome to attend, for the whole day or part of it. We need volunteers to lead the reading, umdze, help set up and take down the space. If you wish to help us make this wonderful day happen, please contact either Mary Beth Kean (keanmb@gmail.com) or Tom Pantaleoni (tom@distantlandsimporters.com).


Aligned Center

1 Bridge Street, Suite 64

Irvington, 10533 NY

Aligned Center is situated right above the Red Hat restaurant, next to WBC's usual Irvington location at the Eileen Fisher Headquarters

Park in the large lot in front of MP Taverna and walk into courtyard to the right of the Eileen Fisher Lab

Go straight ahead to the "Foundry" entrance

The office is on the second floor right at the top of the stairs


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