Follow the blue link for the desired talk. There may be an intermediate page with a group of talks. For many users on some devices, the triangular "Play" button (on the individual audio player for each talk) is not recommended. Instead, use the "Download" button, which will simply open a new tab or page in Dropbox, where streaming or downloading are both options. In fact, to get an actual download to your device you would need to use the subsequent Download button found on that final Dropbox page, in most cases. 

Learn to Meditate: WBC Basic Meditation Instruction

These are recordings of live presentations. They are meant to serve as a refresher primarily for those that attended one of these sessions, or for those that are too far away to attend one. Since they are live, they are a bit rough and also include periods of silence when folks are actually meditating. We hope that you find them helpful! 

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