Westchester Buddhist Center (WBC) is a community of students and teachers interested in mindfulness-awareness meditation and the Buddhist path. We welcome new students from any and all backgrounds to our regular weekly gatherings, whether they are just curious about meditation or are already well-versed in Buddhism. 

See documents below for: Our Practice, Recommended Reading, Audio and the Practice of the Four Immeasurables

Our Practice - Meditation Instruction


Learn to Meditate: WBC Basic Meditation Instruction

Listen to recordings of live presentations. They are meant to serve as a refresher primarily for those that attended one of these sessions, or for those that are too far away to attend one. Since they are live, they are a bit rough and also include periods of silence when folks are actually meditating. We hope that you find them helpful! 



Mindfulness in Action

Making Friends with Yourself through Meditation and Everyday Awareness

by Chögyam Trungpa


The Practice of the Four Immeasurables

Meditation Retreat Readings

2019 Meditation Retreat at Garrison on The Wisdom of Emotions.

Click here to view the meditation readings from the retreat.