Westchester Buddhist Center
Curriculum Fall 2018-Winter/Spring 2019

Westchester Buddhist Center offers a sequence of courses providing an overview of the Buddhist path from start to finish, as presented by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. The curriculum is designed to guide students through the progression of topics that constitute the 3-yana view of Tibetan Buddhism, with an emphasis on joining intellectual understanding with meditation practice. 


For Fall 2018 and Winter/Spring 2019, we are offering: 

For the foundational course, students may enroll for the semester (i.e., two segments), enroll for one segment only, or even attend individual classes on a “drop-in” basis. For the intermediate-level course, enrollment is by semester and a commitment to attend all or most class sessions is requested. 

Completion of the foundational course, or equivalent familiarity with the Buddhist path and practice experience, is required to enroll in the intermediate-level course. In turn, completion of the intermediate course will allow students to progress to an advanced-level course (not offered in Fall 2018-Winter/Spring 2019).

Click here for detailed information and registration for the foundational course, “Walking in the Footsteps of the Buddha”

Click here for detailed information and registration for the Sunday intermediate course on the Hinayana and here for the Wednesday course.

 For more on the WBC “Path” of practice and study, click here