Sunday Meditation Course in Irvington, NY

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Mind, Meditation, and the Path of Transformation

Nine Sundays from June 3 to August 12, 2018,

12:30 - 2:30 pm

At Eileen Fisher Headquarters through July 29 then at Aligned Center, Irvington, NY

The Mind Meditation and the Path of Transformation afternoon course will continue on Sundays thru August 12 with the August 5th and 12th meetings happening at the Aligned Center instead of at Eileen Fisher Headquarters. The Aligned Center! Located at 1 Bridge Street, Suite 64, Irvingon, NY 10533. Click here for directions. 


The Eileen Fisher Headquarters in Irvington: 2 Bridge Street, Irvington, NY 10533 and  

The Aligned Center, 1 Bridge Street, Suite 64, Irvington, NY 10533

(See directions below - GPS does not work!)

This course is co-sponsored with the Aligned Center


TEACHERS:  John Baker and Derek Kolleeny




In his excellent book, Our Pristine Mind, Khenpo Orgyen Chowang presents the core Dzogchen (Great Perfection) Buddhist teachings in highly accessible Western idiom, making them understandable and accessible to the beginning as well as the advanced practitioner. 

The course will offer participants an excellent understanding of the nature of confusion and sanity.  It will also provide an understanding of the two basic approaches to meditation and how to employ them, the opportunities one enjoys on the path as well asthe challenges all of us face and why.  

We will work through Khenpo Chowang’s book, supplementing it with readings by other Tibetan masters, such as Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, and more.

Topics that will be covered:

  • The real, fundamental nature of mind;
  • It’s division into “pristine” and “ordinary” mind, how to understand these two, and what distinguishes one from the other;
  • The meditation practices and their benefits, ranging from simple calming and stress reduction, to full enlightenment, seeing and understanding the world as it truly is, stripped of confusion, bias and preconception;
  • The essential roles of kindness, compassion, love, and lack of bias on the path; and
  • The ability to live an ultimately happy, fulfilling life and experience a good death.

Because of the holidays our time with this course is more limited than we would like. Please purchase the book and come to the first class on June 3rd having done the first reading, which is pages xi-xvi and 1-14 from Our Pristine Mind by Khenpo Chowang.

The course will be taught by John Baker and Derek Kolleeny.

For questions about the course, contact John Baker (917) 579-9239. We look forward to working through this wonderful material with you!



Eileen Fisher Headquarters

2 Bridge Street, Irvington, NY 10533

As you face the river, the entrance is on your left, on the northwest corner of the building.

1. From Route 9, turn onto Main Street, Irvington. Continue down hill (west) towards the train station.
2. Turn right on N. Ashton
3. Turn left on Bridge Street, continue on to River Street
4. Eileen Fisher’s space occupies the 2nd brick building. Turn right into Second Parking Lot
5. Enter Eileen Fisher – Door facing River

For those who walk from the Irvington train station.  As you face the river, it is the second large building on your left.  You enter from the river side, with your back to the river as you go through the door.

See photos here

The Aligned Center

1 Bridge Street, Suite 64, Irvington, NY 10533

The Aligned Center is directly above the Red Hat Restaurant, but to get there, park in the large lot in front of MP Taverna and walk into courtyard to the right of the Eileen Fisher Lab. Go straight ahead to the "Foundry" entrance. The office is on the second floor right at the top of the stairs.

Learn more about the Aligned Center > 

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